A rare case of nasopharyngeal rhinosporidiosis

Vivek Harkare, Nitin Deosthale, Priti Dhoke, Sonali Khadakkar, N Kamal


Rhinosporidiosis  is  a  chronic  inf estation  by  the  fungus  Rhinosporidium  seeberi.  It  predominantly  affects  the  mucous
membrane of nose and nasopharynx. It  is  endemic in  southern states of India,  Pakistan and Srilanka. Epistaxis is
often  the  only  symptom  in  rhinosporidiosis,  but  in  early  stages,  patient  may  complain  of  nasal  obstruction  and  blood
tinged  nasal discharge.  Dissemination of spores to  surrounding areas leads  to  spread of the  disease. Here we report
a patient with Nasopharyngeal Rhinosporidiosis, who presented with a mass hanging in  the oropharynx. Patient
recovered  completely  after  excision  of  mass.

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