A rare case of invasive papillary carcinoma of breast

M Akhtar, D Saxsena, A Rode, D N Kundra, M Zaki, M Rangwala


Papillary carcinoma  is  a rare type  of cancer  of the  breast  that  represents  approximately 0.5% of all newly diagnosed
cases  of  breast  cancer .  We  present  the  case  of  a  63-year-old  postmenopausal  female  who  presented  with
complaints  of a  gradually  increasing  painless mass in  the  left  breast  of 1 month duration.  Left-sided  modified radical
mastectomy was performed and the specimen was histopathologically diagnosed as invasive papillary carcinoma.
We  report  this  case  because  of  its  rarity .

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