Lone urethral injury following sexual intercourse- A rare case report abstract

Narendar Tiramdas, Sadhan Kumar, PVLN. Murthy, Vinay Kumar


Penile fracture after coitus present with excrusiating pain, detumescence, swelling , deformation and ecchymosis. Penile fracture associated with urethral rupture occurs only in 10% to 20% cases. Isolated corpus spongiosum and urethral injury without corpus cavernosum injury is extremily rare with five male patients described in the literature. We report a patient, who presented with typical features of penile
fracture, was found to have an isolated penile urethral injury on surgical exploration and underwent primary repair.

Keywords: Penile fractures, Corpus spongiosum, Urethral trauma, Coitus related penile trauma.

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