The role of partial cystectomy in benign bladder conditions

Narendar Tiramdas, Sadhan Kumar, PVLN. Murthy, Vinay Kumar Reddy


Partial cystectomy is well known In the management of Muscle invasive bladder cancer withspecific indication. Partial cystectomy can be offered in the management of benigntumors like leiomyoma or pheochromocytoma. We report three rare benign conditions of bladder namely pheochromocytoma,  endometriosis and ovarian dermoid eroding into the bladder.Very limited data was available indicating cystectomy for these benign diseases of bladder. The main objective of this report was its rarity and specific symptoms of these benign conditions. The second objective was to study the post operative complications of the procedure for benign conditions and its impact on lower urinary tract symptoms in the long run. Partial cystectomy resulted in complete cure of these conditions and loss of bladder wall did not affect the
lifestyle of these patients.

Keywords: Partial cystectomy,  Benign,  Endometriosis,  Bladder,  Pheochromocytoma.

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