Concomitant presence of diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis: A hospital-based study

Disha Yadav, Shikha Saxena, Rashmi Katyal, Prem C Srivastava


Background: Tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus are major burden in developing countries. Both the comorbid conditions if present together, can complicate the treatment, decrease cure rates and prognosis for each condition thereby increase morbidity and the tuberculosis burden in the society. This study was
undertaken to estimate the concomitant presence of tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus in a tertiary care centre with the objectives to estimate the proportion of diabetes mellitus in diagnosed cases of tuberculosis and to analyse the association of socio-demographic determinants with glucose level in tuberculosis cases.
Materials and Methods: The retrospective cross-sectional case record-based study included 148 diagnosed patients of tuberculosis in a tertiary care centre in North India.The proportion of diabetes mellitus and pre-diabetes in tuberculosis patients and its association with socio-demographic determinants was assessed by chi square test and independent association by multinominal logistic regression. 
Results: The study revealed 31.8% diabetic and 21.6% pre-diabetic patients. Tuberculosis with diabetes mellitus was more prevalent in rural males of 46 - 60 years. Association with this age group was statistically significant (p=0.001). The association of smoking and alcoholism in tuberculosis with diabetic and prediabetic cases was not statistically significant. A statistically significant association [p=0.008] was found between the history of hemoptysis in the tuberculosis patients associated with prediabetes (Odd’s Ratio-3.573). Sputum positive tubercular patients had 7.1 times more chance of being diabetic (Odd’s Ratio-7.191).
Conclusion: The study concluded a high prevalence of diabetics and pre-diabetics in tuberculosis cases in
males of older age group between 46-60 years residing in rural areas.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Diabetes mellitus, Impaired glucose tolerance, Hyperglycemia, Normoglycemia.

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