Serum uric acid estimation and arthralgia in patient receiving regimen containing pyrazinamide

Chinnusamy Kaliannan, Karthikeyan Govindaswamy, Kavi Mani Saalai


Aim: To demonstrate hyperuricemia and arthralgia in patient receiving ATT containing Pyrazinamide 
Materials and Methods: This study was carried out in tertiary health care center. 91 patients diagnosed to have Tuberculosis- both Pulmonary and Extra pulmonary was taken for study.
Results: Total number of patients estimated for Uric acid is 91, (male-55, female-36). In this study hyperuricemia was found in 33 males (out of 55) and 25 females (out of 36) arthralgia male 9 positive (out of 55) and female 10 (out of 36).
Conclusion: Pyrazinamide therapy is associated with hyperuricemia and arthralgia. Hyperuricemia and arthralgia are not synonymous.

Keywords: Uric acid estimation, Arthralgia, Pyrazinamide.

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