Neck pain and its global predominance: Analytical review

Mohammad Sheebakauser, Sathish Vandanapu, Ali Irani, Mansi Bhartiya, Sabah Taver


The background of this study was to determine the predominance of neck pain in the population and to define the variation between studies. Systematically data was collected from following databases PUBMED, PEDro, CINAHL, CIRRIE,  NARIC, followed by reference lists of relevant papers. Papers Included for information were of good quality score. Mean value were calculated for day week, month, year, and lifetime), and considered separately for age, gender, quality score, response rate, sample size, anatomical definitions, geography, and publication year. Seventy two papers are taken. Predominant estimates were not changed by age, quality score, sample size, response rate, and different anatomical definitions of NP. NP is a common symptom in the people. As expected, the predominant increase with longer periods and generally women reported more NP.

Keywords: Neck pain, Predominance rate.

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