Hearing status in patients with diabetes mellitus

Vivek Harkare, Nitin Deosthale, Khadakkar Sonali, Priti Dhoke, Kanchan Dhote, Ashish Gupta


The aim of our study is  to assess the  hearing threshold level in  patients  of diabetes mellitus and to find  out the association  between  degree  of  hearing  loss  with  duration  and  severity  of  hyperglycemia  and complications  of diabetes mellitus. A cross sectional study was carried out in previously diagnosed cases of diabetes mellitus below 60 years of age. They were subjected to fasting and post-meal blood sugar levels and Pure T one Audiometric tests.74%  diabetics  were  affected  with  sensorineural  hearing  loss.  There  was  no  statistically  significant  association
between the age and the sex of diabetic patients with hearing loss. The results showed bilateral significantly high frequency ,  mild  to  moderate  sensorineural  hearing  loss  in  uncontrolled  diabetics  as  compared  to  those  with controlled  diabetes  (p=0.001).  Thus  diabetics  with poorly  controlled  blood sugar  level  have  increased  risk  of hearing loss.

Key  words  :Diabetes  Mellitus, Pure  T one  Audiometry,  Sensorineural  Hearing  loss.

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