Study of cardiovascular risk factors in postmenopausal women

M Walulkar, M Sagdeo, S Walulkar


The  incidence  of cardiovascular  diseases (CVD)  increases  with age  especially  in  menopause which is  associated  with obesity , hypertension  &  variability  in  lipid  metabolism  which  are  risk  factors  for cardiovascular  diseases  and mortality  in  females. Hence  we made an  attempt  to  find  out  dyslipidaemia  in  134  postmenopausal  women and  compared  with 134 perimenopausal in the age group 40 to 60 yrs and assessed risk factors causing CVD and   electrocardiograph (ECG)
changes  in  them.

We  found  out  that  menopause may  potentiate  the  age  related  increase  in  systolic  blood  pressure  due  to  reduction  in arterial compliance.  Serum  lipids  and  lipoprotein are  significantly  increased  as  a  consequence  of menopause in women, resulting in more atherogenic risk in postmenopausal woman. The presence of ECG abnormalities should prompt  the  physician  to  consider  further  risk  stratification  and  more  intensive  therapeutic  option  for  primary
prevention  of  cardiovascular  events.

Keywords:  Perimenopause,  Menopause, Dyslipidaemia,  Cardiovascular  diseases.

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