Aptitude evaluation for medical profession in first and final year MBBS students

Radhika Salpekar, Nilofer Mujawar


Aptitude  is  the  competency  to  do  a  certain  kind  of  work at  a  certain  level.The  medical profession  remains  one  of  the most  popular  choices  of  the  Indian  youth.Four  factors  are  necessary  for  becoming  a  good  doctor:  empathy,fortitude,  aptitude  and  a  sense  of  responsibility .  Studies  suggest  that  aptitude  evaluation  before  entering  a profession  has  many  advantages.  Yet it is not undertaken  before  joining  the  medical  colleges.  The  Differential Aptitude Test Battery (DA TB) is  a tool for evaluation of aptitude and evaluates a person's verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, numerical  ability  space relations  and  language  usage.  A study  was undertaken  to  evaluate  the  aptitude  of first and final year students for the medical profession, to compare the aptitude for medical profession between male  and  female  students  and  to  determine  a  correlation  between  knowledge  of  English  language  and  their reasoning  powers.

Keywords:  Aptitude,  DABT ,  Medical Profession

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