Incidental finding of microfilaria in a case of lymphoma–leukaemia

Vidula Gowardhan, Pragati Karmarkar, Anne Wilkinson, Sabiha Maimoon


Filariasis  is  a  common  health  problem  in  developing  countries  lik e  India. Microfilariae  have  been  incidentally detected  in  FNAC (Fine  needle  aspiration  cytology)  of  various  lesions  in  clinically  unsuspected  cases  of  filariasis  with absence of microfilariae in the peripheral blood. We report a case where patient was asymptomatic for the filarial disease, which was incidentally detected on cytological smears.  There are only a few reported cases in  cytology literature  documenting  association  of  microfilaria  with  lymphoma.  Careful  screening  of  FNAC  smears  might be helpful  in  detecting  microfilariae,  even  in  asymptomatic  patients,  especially  in  highly  endemic  areas.

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