KAP study on the dietary pattern among regular gym members in Majmaah city, Saudi Arabia

Syed Meraj Ahmed, Eyad Mohammed Alodhaydan, Ahmad Hamad Alhammad, Sami Suliman Alabdulqadir, Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Alhassan, Mohammed Daham Alrafedi


An increasing trend of motivated individuals joining the gym for improving their fitness is an encouraging sign. Additionally, an attitudinal change in the dietary intake should also be a part of this routine to help achieve a healthy body and mind. Studies have shown that addressing the promotion of healthy eating, particularly when combined with the practice of physical activity, show satisfactory results when it comes to the control of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A need was felt to conduct a baseline study to find out the attitude and behavioural preferences in terms of diet and exercise. This is a cross sectional study done on 164 male gym members. A pretested, preformed interviewee based, close ended questionnaire was used to collect data from the study participants in a time bound manner. Analysis was done through SPSS software. Intake of carbonated drinks (79.2%, p < 0.01) and fruit juices (83.3%) were significantly higher among regular members in comparison to those who visited the gym infrequently. Consumption of milk (72.9), eggs (45.8%), butter (45.8%, p <0.001) and fish (43.8%) was also higher among regular members. Alternatively, it was seen that beef consumption was higher among regular gym goers and 74.4% of them didn’t follow any specific diet for maintaining health. There is a general lack of awareness and attitude towards the type of healthy food required for maintaining health and preventing health disorders particularly non – communicable diseases.

Keywords: Dietary goals, Gym, Youth, Healthy diet, Dietary habit, Saudi Arabia.

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