Use of smart phone for measuring shoulder rotational range of motion in patients with frozen shoulder: A comparative study

Kartik Shah, Mangala Deshpande, Priyesha Ramteke, Jyoti Singh, Anjali Sondawle


Assessment of shoulder range of motion in patients with frozen shoulder is important aspect for physiotherapist for documentation and to check progression in disease. From long time, goniometer is used as gold standard measurement tool for measuring range of motion. Due to some practical difficulties like finding out precise bony landmark for fulcrum, aligning two arms as per long axis of bones and subjective errors among less experienced physiotherapist and students, goniometer may be less appropriate for using. There are many smart phone applications including Clinometer are available to measure joint range of motion and is easy to use in some aspect compared to goniometer. Our aim was to compare the result of smart phone clinometer with gold standard goniometer for measuring shoulder rotational ranges in patients with frozen shoulder. The mean and standard deviation of the range of internal rotation measured by goniometer and clinometer was 42.4°±10.90° and 42.36°±11.38°, respectively. The mean and standard deviation for external rotation measured by the goniometer was 33.6°±15.75° and by clinometer was 34.2°±16.61°. This comparative study shows that there is no difference between measurement of clinometer and goniometer. This can be concluded that smart phone clinometer can be used clinically to measure shoulder rotational range of motion in frozen shoulder.

Keywords: Frozen shoulder, Goniometer, Rotational range of motion, Smartphone Clinometer application

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