Anthropometric Measurements of Sickle Cell Anemia

Ranjana Deshpande, D. D. Kshirsagar


Objectives:- The sickle cell anaemia is genetically transmitted multisystem disease, which includes a group of disorders; that differ in severity of signs and symptoms, predominantly leading to retardation of growth.To evaluate appendicular skeleton of S. C. D. patients; compare it with normal individuals of same age, sex and previous data. Methods :-Ten parameters of Appendicular skeleton including Height, Weight were studied in 286 S.C.D. males against 302 non S.C.D. males; 287 S. C. D. females against 308 non S. C. D. females of age-groups from 5 to 20 years. The duration lasted for project was 20 months. Results:- S.C.D. patients showed lower values than normal individuals, higher values as compare to previous data. Conclusion:- The present study definately shows raised values in all parameters of appendicular skeleton in S. C. D. patients compared to observations of previous workers. May be because of increased health awareness; availablty of improved medical facilities.
Key Words : S. C. D. genetically transmitted; appendicular skeleton.

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