A rare case: Episiotomy scar endometriosis with anal sphincter involvement

Divya Dewani, Madhuri Gawande, Rasika Pise, Preksha Jain


Endometriosis is defined as the presence of functioning endometrial tissue outside uterine cavity. Scar endometriosis being a rare disease is difficult to diagnose. Incisional or scar endometriosis is an even rarer type with an incidence of less than 1%. The quoted episiotomy scar endometriosis incidence is about 0.06-0.07%. Present case is of a 38years old female, married since 15years with one para. She presented with cyclical pain and swelling at episiotomy site. She underwent surgical excision of mass which was suggestive of endometriosis in histopathology.


Keywords: Scar endometriosis, Episiotomy scar endometriosis, Anal sphincter reconstruction

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