A clinico-pathological profile of primary lung cancer patients presenting in a rural medical college of Central India

Dubey N, Julka Arti, Varudkar HG, Agrawat JC, Bhandari Deepali, Mukati Sunil, Jain Anukool


A study of the clinico-pathological profile of cases of lung cancer coming to a rural medical college in the central India. To study the risk factors, the time taken to diagnose and the investigations useful in the diagnosis of lungcancer patients. A prospective, observational and descriptive study was conducted in a rural medical College and hospital for duration of 1 year. Statistics analysis was done using the SPSS version 16. Out of 62 cases suspected of lung cancer presented to the medical college, only 47 could be included in the study. Out of which 38(80.8%) were males and 9(19.1%) were females, 37(78.7%) were smokers including 34(72.3%) current smokers, 3 (6.3%) ex-smoker and 10 (21.2%) non-smoker. 11 (23.4%) cases of lung malignancy had been misdiagnosed as pulmonary tuberculosis. The onset of symptoms to the confirmation of diagnosis of lung cancer was 5.7 months. Maximum diagnostic yield was with FNAC 22/30 (73.3%) while results with endobronchial biopsy were 23(63.8%) and percutaneous lung biopsy was 7(63.6%). There were 44 (93.7%) cases of non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC) and 3 (6.3%) of small cell lung cancer (SCLC). Squamous cell cancer was the predominant cell type 18(38.2%). Maximum were diagnosed in the advanced stages of disease. Lung cancer remains a male predominant disease with smoking as the most common implicating agent. It continues to be diagnosed very late and presents in very advanced stages of the disease. More needs to be done to educate patients on ill effects of tobacco and to train doctors on early diagnosis especially in the rural areas.


Keywords: Lung, Cancer, Smoking, Cough

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