Study of epipteric bone in the Vidarbha region

Sanjay Walulkar, Madhavi Walulkar, Rajesh Dehankar


Abstract: Pterionis usually an irregular H shape suture formed by the articulation of four bones. This study was aimed to find out gross incidence of epipteric bones and to differentiate whether it is epipteric bone or fracture skull as seen in the medicolegal case.300 adult human skulls were collected and sexual dimorphism was also noted. Sizes were measured by Vernier Calipers. Out of 300, 39 skulls showed presence of epipteric bones, 12 skulls showed bilateral presence epipteric bones and in 27 skulls epipteric bones were present unilaterally. The gross incidence of epipteric bones in present study is found to be 13% and in male it is higher (14.05%) than in female (11.30 %).The most common shape of it is triangular. The study reveals that epipteric bones are markers for various diseases and are important in the primary diagnosis of brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta). Hence we can concluded that the incidence of epipteric bone is variable in different in populations and incidence rate of epipteric bone is found slightly higher in male skull as compared to female skulls. The study will also contribute additional information of skull bone fractures in infancy and childhood, which may be associated with large intersutural bones giving false appearance of fracture radiologically and also during surgical interventions involving burr holes surgeries.

Keywords: Epipteric Bone, Intersutural bones, Pterion.


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