Taste recognition threshold in different phases of menstrual cycle

Rahul Khobragade, Santosh Wakode, Swati Tadas, Naina Wakode, Ashok Kale


Abstract: Taste, a neurochemical modality, plays an important role in maintaining appropriate nutritional balance. Taste threshold vary with age and sex of the individual. Taste threshold also varies with the phase of menstrual cycle. The aim of the present study was to assess the relationship between different phase of menstrual cycleand taste threshold for four basic taste modalities (i.e. sweet, salt, sour and bitter). We studied taste threshold in 50 female subjects. The study was carried out in 3 phases, i.e. menstrual, follicular and luteal phases. The taste threshold was evaluated using 7 different serially half diluted concentrations of glucose (2.00 M- 0.031 M), NaCI (1.00 M-0.0156 M), citric acid (0.05 M- 0.0007 M) and quinine sulphate (0.001 M- 0.000015 M). All taste modalities show alternation in different phases of menstrual cycle (p<0.05) except for sour (p>0.05). Thus the cyclical variations of hormones during menstrual cycle affect the taste threshold.

Keywords: Taste threshold, menstrual phase, Follicular phase, luteal phase.


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