Computed tomography analysis of haller cells: Prevalence and its association with ipsilateral maxillary sinusitis

Yashas Ullas L, Rachegowda N, Rahul Deep G, Sahana N Gowda, Revanth R B


Background: Haller cells (HCs) are anatomical variations, which observed as incidental findings on CT scan of paranasal sinuses, which may contribute to sinusitis. Medial aspect of orbital floor and lateral to the maxillary infundibulum is common location, which causes recurrent maxillary sinusitis. The aim of the
study is to assess the prevalence of HCs and to see its association with  psilateral maxillary sinusitis.
Materials and Methods: This Hospital based retrospective study was conducted in Department of Radiology, RL Jalappa Hospital and Research Centre, Kolar. In this study, CT images of 680 patients were collected and analyzed.
Results: Overall prevalence of HC was 15.6%, of which 74.2% of cells was associated with maxillary sinusitis. Large sized HCs and ipsilateral maxillary sinusitis showed an association. However, small and medium size of HCs and ipsilateral maxillary sinusitis not showed any association.
Conclusion: The present study may conclude that presence of HCs cannot be attributed to maxillary sinusitis, size of the air cell should be considered, these are the anatomical variations associated with maxillary sinus pathologies. HCs may be one of the causes for sinusitis.

Keywords: Haller cells, Maxillary sinusitis, Paranasal sinus, Infraorbital ethmoid air cell.

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