Polysomnography: A Useful Tool in Diagnosis And Management Of Sleep Diseases

Sumer Choudhary


Sleep diseases, of which obstructive sleep apnea is one, are one of the leading health problems in both developed and developing countries. However, education and awareness regarding diagnosis and management is still lacking among both public and treating physician. The initial work done on sleep study was done in the era of Rechtschaffen and Kates. Presently Computerized Polysomnography (PSG) incorporated with different channels is an important tool in management of patients of sleep disorders. Any sleep study which is to be performed requires a well equipped and validated sleep laboratory for proper results and interpretation of data. Nomenclatures are defined, scales have been formulated and grading of disease on the basis of PSG study has been done. Different types of sleep study like study in sleep centre, Multiple sleep latency test, maintenance of wakefulness test, and portable home monitoring tests are done routinely of which portable home based test is not encouraged. It not only helps in detecting obstructive sleep apnea but is also helpful in the management of central sleep apnea patients.  Key Words : Polymnography, sleep staging, apnea

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