Hematological and coagulation profile of dengue infection in age group 1 to 12 years children in a tertiary care hospital

Mamta Kumari, Amrita Roy, Anirban Chatterjee, Suman Sarkar, Partha Pratim Pal


Introduction: Dengue is an arboviral infection of public health problems in tropical and sub-tropical countries transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito of the Stegomyia family. It varies in severity, ranging from influenza-like self-limiting illness to life- threatening, which if left untreated, are
associated with mortality as high as 20%.
Objectives: Find out hematological and coagulation profile in dengue infected children aged 1 to 12 years and association of hematological and coagulation profile with dengue severity.
Materials and Methods: It is an Observational Cross- sectional study done on 100 dengue patients aged 1 to 12 years during the study period from March 2019 –February 2020.
Result: Among 100 dengue fever, 85 (85%) were categorized as dengue fever (DF), 11(11%) DF with warning signs and 4 (4%) were cases of severe dengue (DHF/DSS) according to revised World Health Organisation 2009. The most common age of presentation was above 6 years and females were afflicted
more with dengue fever.100% dengue patients presented with fever. Persisting vomiting, pain abdomen, hepatomegaly and hypotension indicate progression towards severe dengue. Raised Hb% and PCV, low to normal values of WBC as well as predominantly decrease in platelet was seen in severe dengue cases
however, both ESR and CRP were normal. The Liver function test was deranged SGOT>SGPT in almost all of the dengue patients and it was 3 to 4 times maximally in DFW and SD. PT, APTT prolongation, increased D- dimer and hypofibrinogenemia associated with the severity of dengue fever.
Conclusion: Dengue is a common viral infection that may have serious consequences especially in children. There is clear difference in pattern of change of both haematological and biochemical parameters in non-severe dengue fever and severe dengue fever. Rising trend of Hb%, PCV, decreasing value of platelet count, raised transaminases (SGOT>SGPT), elevated D- dimer, PT and APTT and hypofibrinogenemia can be used as predictor of entry into critical phase

Keywords: Dengue fever with and without warning signs, Severe dengue, Packed cell volume, Haemoglobin.

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