Mid upper arm circumference in pregnant women and its relationship with birth weight

Partha Sarathi Sahu, Surendra Nath Soren


Introduction: Mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) is considered as a good indicator of maternal nutritional status in pregnant women. Very few studies have been done to establish a relationship between MUAC and birth weight of newborn. This study was carried out to analyze the relationship between MUAC
and birth weight of newborn in a tertiary health care facility.
Materials and Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted in 240term pregnant women. MUAC was measured to the nearest millimeters using a non-stretchable tape at the midpoint between acromian process and olecranon process. Newborn baby weight was measured within 24 hrs of birth. The association between MUAC and birth weight was established by linear regression analysis.
Results: The mean of MUAC among pregnant women delivering LBW was 21.682.27 cm which was significantly low (p<0.001) compared to women delivering normal babies (23.472.56 cm). There wasa positive correlation(r=0.32;p<0.05)between MUAC and birth weight of newborn.The cut off value of MUAC for the prediction of LBW in our study was found to be 22.59 cm with 62.77% sensitivity and 71.55% specificity.
Conclusion: Among the various maternal factors for the prediction of LBW, mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) can be correlated with birth weight outcome effectively.

Keywords: maternal anthropometry, MUAC, Low birth weight, Pregnancy.

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