Estimation of morbidity profile and outcomes of geriatric indoor patients in medicine wards of tertiary care center of Bundelkhand region - A retrospective study

Jyoti Tiwari, Sumit Rawat, Amit Jain, Diwashish Biswas


Background: The elderly population is increasing rapidly globally, and presently, India has the second largest number of elderly persons in the country. Estimates of health disorders of the elderly in developing countries are required to predict trends in disease burden and to plan better health care facilities for the elderly population in the society.
Aims of the study: To study the profile of medical disorders & outcomes in the elderly patients admitted in the medicine wards of Bundelkhand Govt. Medical College, Sagar, MP. Which is a rural Government medical college of central India.
Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective, observational study design. The study conducted in the indoor patients of Bundelkhand Medical College & Hospital Sagar, MP in the span of 6 months starting from Feb 2019 to July 2019 & total of 970 patients, aged 60- 90yrs were enrolled. The data were obtained
from MRD of BMC Sagar & by review of records, data were collected and statistically analysed.
Results: Our study has total (n=970), out of which (n=581, 59.9%) were males & (n=389, 41.1%) were females. Mean age of males- 67.67.53, Mean age of females-68.47.98. Highest patients were in the age group of 60-69yrs (n=590, 60.8%). Among system involvement, Respiratory system (27%),
Cardiovascular system (22.3%), GIT (11.4%), Cerebrovascular (7.7%), Genitourinary (5.7%) , Endocrine (5.1%), Infections (4.7%) and cancers (4.1) .In our patients 75.1% were discharged, 7.2% cases of DOR , 6.2% patients were LAMA. Death was in 4.6% and 0.6% cases were referred to higher center.
Conclusion: The study shows highest cases of COPD (15.2%) followed by CAD (13.1%), Pulmonary TB (7.6%), Cerebrovascular accidents (6.1%),  ypertension (6.0%), Diabetes mellitus (4.5%), UTI (4.1%) and cancers (4.1%) in the geriatric patients of our study.

Keywords: Geriatric, COPD, CAD, Hypertension, Morbidity, Profile.

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