Alloimmunisation in sickle cell patients of western Odisha: A tertiary care centre study

Chitta Ranjan Prasad, Susmita Behera, Yespal Sharma


RBC carries numerous protein and carbohydrate antigens on their surface. Out of 347 red cell antigens recognized by international society of blood Transfusion, 308 antigens are clustered in 36 blood Group systems. Except naturally occurring anti-A and anti-B antibodies all others are unexpected. Out of these
some like Duffy, Kell, Kidd, MNS, P and certain Rh types are considered clinically significant. Only few studies for prevalence of irregular red cell alloantibody have been done. Those studies were done either in general population or in thalassemia patients. Few studies were done on sickle cell disease patients but
all are outside India and those are significant. But no studies have been done till now on prevalence of alloantibody in sickle cell disease patients in India. Again the western part of Odisha is with high patient load of sickle cell disease. This study is very useful for this part of Odisha as complication due to the
alloantibody can be managed properly. Both the patients and the clinician will be benefited by this study. 

Keywords: Alloantibody, Sickle cell, Thalassemia.

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