Evaluation of level of satisfaction amongst Junior Medical Teachers in Private versus Government Medical Colleges

Sushil Pande


Inherent  differences  in  functioning  of  two  types  of  medical colleges  i.e.  Government  owned  and  private,  exist resulting in  difference in  their  level of satisfaction.  A total of 50 junior  medical teachers  (lecturers)  from department of  medicine and  allied  sciences  who has  completed  at  least  1  year  in  an  institution  were  enrolled  in  the  study. Validated questionnaire was given  and  responses were recorded on a  5-point  Likert's scale.  Our study  indicated  that physicians of private medical colleges are more satisfied  as compared to  physician lecturers in  government medical colleges (GMC) in  terms of resources available and autonomy . Increased take home salary of government lecturers resulted in more satisfaction as compared to their counterparts in private colleges. Institutional requirement was perceived  as  the  most important  criteria  for  promotions  in  private  medical  college  as  compared  to rules and protocols  in  GMC. Professional  relationships  with colleagues,  flow  of  work at  workplace, administration,  career satisfaction  and  specialty satisfaction  showed  positive  satisfaction  scores  in  both  the  groups  with  minimal differences  in  both  the  groups.  Thus  corrective  steps  can  be  taken  by  administrators  of  both  types  of  medical colleges
to  increase  level  of  satisfaction  of  lecturers  so  that  better  faculty  is  retained.

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