Clinical study of visual field defects (VFD) in traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Tanushree V, Sanjana Singh R


Purpose: To determine the frequency of occurrence of visual field defect in a visually symptomatic patients with traumatic brain injury.

Materials and Methods: A study was conducted at our institution on 40 patients with history of traumatic brain injury. Study was for a duration of one year from june-2018 to May-2019. Patients with detailed clinical information were included and was subjected to visual field analysis.

Results: Out of 40 cases, 32(80%) were males and 8(20%) were females. Age distribution varied from 10–62 years, with 18-45 years being most common. 16(40%) patients had one of the targeted defect. Of which, 8(50%) had scattered scotomas, 3(18%) had Right & 3(18%) had Left homonymous hemianopia, 2(12%) had bi-temporal hemianopia with chiasmal injury. Most frequent defects in the TBI were scattered scotomas next to homonymous hemianopia.

Conclusion: Uniqueness of this study is that, it reports frequency of visual field defect in traumatic brain injury. Most were motor vehicle‐related, younger male patients. Findings should alert and make one aware of the adverse effects on quality of life and rehabilitation.

Keywords: Visual field defects (VFD), Traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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