Dermoid cyst of anterior mediastinum

P Nichkaode, Zamad Rahul, Nilesh Tulaskar


Here reporting a case of 31-year-old female who presented with complaints of pain in left side of chest and cough without expectoration since 15 days, dyspnea and fever with chills since 8 days. Patient was evaluated with x-ray chest  suggestive  of  large  nodular  mass at  left  parahilar  region  with right-sided  pleural  effusion,  CT  scan  suggestive  of large hypodense lesion of 10×8×4cm in anterior mediastinum on left side. Median sternotomy was performed for mediastinal  mass excision.  Operative  findings  showed  large  well defined mass of  10×8  cm  just  above  the  heart impending on great vessels lik e aorta and pulmonary vessels indenting on upper border of heart.  HPE was report suggestive  of-  Mature  cystic  teratoma  with calcification.

Keywords:  Anterior  mediastinal  teratomas.

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