To compare the safety, efficacy and tolerance of intravaginal PGE 1 tab with intravaginal PGE 2 gel in induction of labour

Rakhi Rai, Sulabha Joshi


Induction of labour is an intervention designed to artificially initiate uterine contractions leading to progressive dilatation and effacement of the cervix and birth of the baby. There are various methods of induction of labour. Locally applied PGs have been thought to be most physiological in initiating the process of labour by promoting both cervical ripening and myometrial contraction the present study was carried out to compare the efficacy, safety and tolerance of intravaginal misoprostol (PGE1) tablets with intravaginal dinoprostone (PGE2) gel for cervical ripening and labour induction at term. A randomized control study was carried out. Two hundred women with unfavorable cervix were randomly allocated in two groups of 100 women each for misoprostol group and dinoprostone group respectively. Success of induction, mean induction to delivery interval, mode of delivery, maternal complications and Apgar score were analyzed. Statistical analysis was done by unpaired one tailed test and chi square test. The mean induction to active phase of labour was 11.61 hrs in misoprostol group and 14:29 hrs in dinoprostone group, mean induction to delivery interval was 15:07 hrs in misoprostol group and 18.11hrs in dinoprostone group. 86% of women in misoprostol group delivered vaginally as compared to 75% in dinoprostone group. No significant difference in the maternal and fetal outcome w was noted. Intravaginal tablet misoprostol 25 mcg every 6hrs for maximum of 100 mcg is an effective, safe, tolerable, low cost and simple method of cervical ripening and induction of labour at term.


Keywords: Induction, Labour, Misoprostol, Dinoprostone, Active phase

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