Psychological evaluation of first MBBS students having repeated failures in university examination

Kishor Jadhavar, Abhijeet Faye, Sushil Gawande, Rahul Tadke, Vivek Kirpekar


Because of vast curriculum and factors lik e new environment of medical colleges and hospitals,  separation from  parents,  apprehension  towards  teachers  and  senior  students,  etc,  first  year  MBBS  students  are  exposed  to  amorphous amount  of stress compared to  other students.  Failures in  exams can  be the  cause  or result of this  stress.  Hence students of first MBBS having repeated failures in university examination were evaluated for psychological  symptoms. A cross-sectional questionnaire and semi structured based study  was conducted in  30 first  MBBS failure  students  containing  socio-demographic  profile  and  DSM  IV  TR  criteria  symptoms  for  depression,  anxiety  and  psychosis. 56.67% of the total subjects reported depressive features. 40% of the participants reported panic and  performance  anxiety  features,  23.3%  had  Obscessive  Compulsive  (OC)  features.  Among  all  subjects,  6.67%  had  psychotic features. Female students had more symptoms than male counterpart.  Thus, psychological problems are  higher  among  medical students  having  repeated  failures.  Psychological  interventions  are  important  in  this  group. Keywords:  First  year  MBBS students,  Failures  exams,  Psychological  symptoms.

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