Metastatic breast carcinoma involving the thyroid gland: A rare case report and literature review

Litake MM, Moger J, Parasnis A


Being a rare site of metastasis, breast carcinoma metastasis to thyroid is rare. Presenting herewith a case of carcinoma breast operated one year ago in a 65 year old woman with negative for ER/PR and HER-2-neu status. She presented a year later after postoperative chemo-radiotherapy to our hospital with thyroid swellings and cervical lymphadenopathy. PET scan revealed spinal metastasis in thoracolumbar segments and suspicious thyroid malignancy. Ultrasonography of the neck was suspicious of thyroid neoplasia. Histo-pathological examination of total thyroidectomy revealed metastatic invasive ductal carcinoma of breast and immunohistochemistry was positive for GCDFP-15 and negative for thyroglobulin and TTF-1.
Keywords: GCDFP-15 (Gross cystic disease fluid protein-15), TTF-1 (Thyroid transcription factor-1), Breast carcinoma.

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