Primary gastric tuberculosis causing gastric outlet obstruction: A case report

Atish Bansod, Apoorva Kulkarni, Sunil Lanjewar, Ritesh Bodade, Shubhangi Bansod, Kamalkant Singh


Ileo-caecal junction is the most common site of abdominal tuberculosis. Isolated primary gastric tuberculosis is very rare. Our case was a 44-year-old female with complaints of vomiting and epigastric distension after meals since 18 months. There was no other positive history. Her gastroscopy revealed pyloric stenosis with 5-6 ulcers in pre-pyloric region which were thought to be stasis ulcers. A distal partial gastrectomy with Roux-en-Y gastro-jejunostomy was done. The histopathology of the specimen revealed caseous necrosis with epitheloid granulomas and Langhan’s giant cells which gave the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Patient was registered under Category I of Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course.

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