Estimation of total length of radius from its fragments

Mukund Huddar


Establishment of identity of deceased person assumes great medico legal importance. One of the factors in establishing the identity of a person is his stature. The estimation of stature from long bones has attracted the attention of many anatomists. The present study is aimed to ascertain the total length of radius from its fragments which can be employed in available stature formulae to estimate total length of an individual. In this study we have divided the radius in seven segments i.e. a-b, b-c, c-d, d-e, e-f, f-g, g-h on the basis of morphological characters of radius from top of head to the tip of styloid process. In our study, the coefficient of variation is less for the segment d-e to calculate the total length of radius. The segment d-e is one of the largest segments of all the segments and hence it can be concluded that this segment is statistically better segment for the result.

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