Primary mesenteric paraganglioma: A case report

P Nichkaode, Gopal Gurjar, Kapil Panchbhai, Prathamesh More, Vinay Khatri


Abstract: A case of 23-year-old male with abdominal lump, pain, and hypertension revealed a large, ill defined, lobulated heterogeneous mass with mixed solid and cystic components in retroperitoneal compartment anterior to aorta and posterior to pancreas predominantly on left side crossing midline on computed tomography. On the basis of imaging, histopathological feature, and immunohistochemistry, the diagnosis of mesenteric paragangliomawas done. Paraganglioma is a rare entity and whenever present surgical excision is the best option for its treatment with regular followup.

Keywords: Mesenteric Paraganglioma, immunohistochemistry, Computed tomography


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