De novo epitheloid angiosarcoma of the pleura : A case report

Bhagyashree Barlingay, W McLaughlin, R Kantala, D Stein, D Romney


A rare case of a 79-year-old Caucasian man who presented with exertional dyspnea, fatigue and abdominal pain, Found to have severe anemia, complete opacification of the left hemithorax due to hemothorax. Wedge resection of the left lung later in the course of the hospitalization revealed angiosarcoma of the pleura which was also confirmed by the pathologist at the Mayo clinic. Palliative Radiation therapy was started but patient continued to go downhill, started having severe, uncontrollable pain on the left side of his chest and chose hospice care which was thought to be medically appropriate since there is no curative treatment for this rare disease. Keywords: Angiosarcoma, Pleura, Hemorrhagic pleural effusion, Palliative radiation.

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